• 4 Hands Brewing Co.

Top-rated brewery: Perennial Artisan Ales Schlafly and Boulevard represent the old guard (well, not the OLDEST guard when it comes to Missouri breweries, but, you know), and Perennial is perennially (!) fantastic, as is its offshoot, Side Project. Amid all that, 4 Hands has put itself squarely on the map in a fairly short amount of time, doing a dizzying variety of beers exceedingly well, none of them better than the standout milk stout Madagascar (it's better than the movie!) With the sheer number of special releases, barrel-aged offerings, and collabs these guys do, you'd almost think they have extra appendages or something.

  • City Museum

Whatever you do when you visit this brainchild of the late artist Bob Cassilly, don’t ask for a map. The idea here is to wander and observe: turn one corner and find yourself in a hallway of funhouse mirrors. Turn another and run into a wall made out of bottle caps. It’s a mysterious, surreal journey that begins in a parking lot (with net ladders, slides, and an abandoned plane) and ends on a roof topped with a Ferris wheel and teetering school bus. In between, the aforementioned largest No. 2 pencil in the world. Also, there's a bar so you can enjoy a refreshing beverage after all the excitement of... filling in the world's largest Scantron?

feb 29 2016 ∞
jun 17 2016 +