C Eb F C

C Eb F G

Head in the clouds so long, how must it feel? How must it feel?

Cut down and forced to walk ground level streets, ground levels streets

F F Am Am

A# A# Eb F

You dragged a cloud out from your haven, and made a bed down here in hell, and made it a home

C Eb F C

C Eb F G

Footloose and fancy free, delusions of grandeur all round Living your life like you're the princess of an abandoned fairground

F F Am Am

A# A# F F

Just reinforce your bubble so that it can't pop in your face And float it away Float it away

C G Fadd9 Dm

Some say you're optimistic, but I think that you're just blind

A# Am D A#

To this forsaken, forgotten life

C G Fadd9 C G Fadd9

Run away, you'll be fine Don't look back, just run away, you'll be fine

C Eb F C

C Eb F G

C Eb F C

C Eb F G

As long as you're surviving, keep your head down in the sand

Just keep ignoring the desperate need for someone to take your hand

You've ran with the fairies for so long, they turned you into one

So I'll guard your right to fly until the day I up and die

F F Am Am

Because you sank before you sailed You never learned to rough the winds

A# A# F G

so don't you try Don't you try


Why wouldn't God accept an innocent?

Gm F Am A

She can't deserve it more, there is nothing she must know

F C E Am F C E

I've tried so hard to shield you from the monsters in your life, you can't ever know

C Eb F C C Eb F G

F F Am Am

Singing and dancing through the garden, would it be that bad if you stayed?

A# F Am

Stay here with me, just for now

C G Fadd9 C G Fadd9 C G Fadd9

Run with the fairies in your mind Don't look back, just run away from the light Run away, you'll be fine

jun 9 2017 ∞
nov 8 2018 +