• 2/22 - Mom never liked eating soup because it would drip down her chin...
  • 2/25 - I wish you was here mom to enjoy some pozole soup w/us tomorrow...
  • 3/10 - me & dad's famous words to get other..."drop it"
  • 9-17-15 oh, Mom... how I remember you snoring:)
  • 9-17-15 dad always taught me to save my money
  • 11-2-15 dad always covered me up w/a blanket when I was napping or sleeping, I'm still passing on the generation...did it to uncle Albert when we visited him.
  • 11/07/18 - dad never like to see me (and Joyce) go bare footed...He would always say, "go get something on your feet!"

11/07/2018 - Mom never liked to clean house unless she was "in the mood"...:)

  • when mom was bored she would tighty up her kitchen cabins
  • dad never liked anyone to get up in his face (was it in fear of smelling their bad breath?)

2-25-19 Dad never liked kids to have sticky fingers. 2-25-19 Dad always said, “Stealing is dumb”

  • 2-27-19 Dad always said banana makes you go to the bathroom (poop)
  • 3-24-119 Dad always had a drippy nose like me when he was cold or out in cold weather.

5-12-19 Dad collected handerchiefs & always took toilet paper with me in the vehicle.

  • a movie mom watched twice before she died, “Great Expectation”
  • Mom & I always liked mulling spice in sweet tea.
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