• Faded Drank Faded Drank (7k)
    • Rated M
    • Chronicling ten's (successful) attempt to hook up with a """""straight""""" boy at a frat party.
  • Damaged Goods (9k)
    • Rated E
    • In between the gentle murmur of tides and the monotonous whisper of the reed, a hope is sparked. “Are we not coming back tonight?” Johnny turns to Ten, eyebrows raised. “Do you want to?”


  • Redflags In The Rearview (11k)
    • Rated E
    • Mafia AU. Yukhei's family watches him fall in love with a stripper he brought back with him from Korea.
  • Fragments Of A Day Dream (9k)
    • Rated M
    • Yukhei and Jungwoo are best friends. Yukhei wants to be more though, Jungwoo just dates a bunch of guys.
  • You Have My World (10k)
    • Rated T
    • Jungwoo works at a cafe that gets yelp reviews just for him, by one special custumor.


  • Really Good Boy (13k)
    • Rated E
    • Yukhei has things he wants to try with Mark. Yukhei is also an idiot who can't talk about the things he wants to try with Mark.
  • Finesse (6k)
    • Rated E
    • Mark stretches forward to squint at the screen, reading, “Sushi99 says ‘you’re doing amazing, sweetie.’” He smiles, tongue darting out between his teeth. “Awww, man, thank you!”
  • 24/7 Thinkin' 'bout You (6k)
    • Rated E
    • Yukhei knows it’s more rhetorical than anything, but he replies anyway. “Only in my dreams,” he says. “Oh, smooth,” Mark tells him.
  • Late Flights and City Lights: We Rise with the Sun (9k)
    • Rated E
    • Mark doesn’t splutter, doesn’t choke- fights against the urge to tug Yukhei down by the collar of his shirt and wipe that irritatingly attractive smirk off of his face. He holds fast against the scarlet blush tinting his cheeks and ears, ignores the heat sweeping across his neck and collarbones.
  • Eat Your Cake And Have It Too (3k)
    • Not Rated
    • They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Mark finds out just how true that platitude is.


  • The Edge Of The World (11k)
    • Rated E
    • FWB at Oxford. Yukhei has some baggage.
  • CRYIN! (31k)
    • Rated T
    • Donghyuck discovers himself and also ends up with the boy of his dreams.
  • Chillax (7k)
    • Rated T
    • “Is it just me, or does Yukhei always look like he’s running in slow-mo?”
  • Only You (3k)
    • Rated G
    • yukhei sends donghyuck his sweaters
  • I Wish You The Best And The Best Is Me (15k)
    • Rated T
    • Competetive Salsa AU!


  • From The Start (7k)
    • Rated E
    • Pure Smut. Snapshots of Mark and Renjun going at it and falling in love while doing so.


  • Loser (4k)
    • Rated T
    • Venom AU. Jeno is Marks parasite.


  • The Drabbles (Series | 6k)
    • Rated G
    • Various Ships. Great idea starting points.


  • Glitter Pink (17k)
    • Rated E
    • So, maybe Xuxi is a little curious. So, maybe Xuxi — shy as he is to admit it, how would he even go about admitting it? — wants to get fucked. (In which Ten is a menace, and the bane of Xuxi's existence, and Yuqi is Xuxi's best friend and perhaps the only girl in the universe.)
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