• Read My Lips (18k)
    • Rated G
    • Changbin is deaf. He can't stop looking at the new guys lips and it might be something more than not being able to hear him.
  • Smoke And Honey (12k)
    • Rated M
    • Felix is the prince of District 9 and Changbin is his bodyguard.
  • Falling: A Photo Essay Of Lee Felix (20k)
    • Rated G
    • Felix' takes one of the photography courses of his high school that makes him take a photo of the same person for a year. He chooses Changbin.
  • Broken Compass, Young Wings (61k)
    • Rated T
    • Soulmate AU. In which Felix and Changbin aren't soulmates, go to the same university and it's just beautiful.
  • Scatter (4k)
    • Rated G
    • Changbin has OCD.
  • Hum (ongoing)
    • Rated E
    • Smutty Changlix fics.



  • Desperate (6k)
    • Rated E
    • Minho wants to be topped by Jisung after seeing the muscles he got for the Victory Song performance.
  • The Curse Of Saturdays (12k)
    • Rated T
    • Minho needs someone to be his pretend boyfriend. He just forgets to pretend break up with him.
  • I'm Doing Good, I'm Doing Fine (17k)
    • Rated T
    • Minho is the school president when Jisung shows up on his radar. Jisung is the school bad boy, always getting into fights.


  • Holi/Holi/Holiday (5k)
    • Rated E
    • Woojin and Hyunjin have lazy sex while thinking about their relationship.



  • Hold My Hand And Try To Keep Up (9k)
    • Rated
    • High School AU. Felix is stressed about their lack of time before graduation and about being in love with Hyunjin.


  • Felix Vs Gay Panic² (25k)
    • Rated T
    • Felix comes to Korea to study. What he doesn't expect are two guys from his classes being very interested in him.


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