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  • << "Who Am I?" >>

<<What kind of person are you? What's been true of you since you were younger? Write down all the attributes that you can think of that are truly you. List the things you naturally have learned and developed over the years.>>

  • I am a writer.
  • I am an artist, someone who creates things by using her imagination.
  • I am compassionate, caring, and sometimes hard.
  • I am shy
  • I am a lover of animals and often I painfully love humanity too so much sometimes it hurts and revert to being misanthropic. But I do desire for things to be better and for us not to hurt each other. It's only when I get pessimistic that I lose hope and don't try.
  • I am a loner and tend to withdraw, I often have no desire to talk with people even when I have a desire to talk with people!
  • I write a lot and often communicate better with writing than words.
  • I hate journalism and work, I don't mind research
  • I believe school is pointless, I can read a book on my own.
  • << "What Do I Love To Do?" >>

<<What do you absolutely, truly enjoy doing in your professional life? In your personal life?>>

  • I love to research for myself, I really love researching psychology, sociology, society, and studying people as a whole as well as the individual.
  • I really love to write and though I have always written, I feel I am 'worst at what I do best' so I always keep trying to be better.
  • I love making plans and having others put them effectively into action.
  • I really love hugging my animals.
  • I really love flipping, hanging upside down like a bat, and doing 'ninja moves' as my friends call it. I also really love flipping...feels like flying. And I lovee doing pull ups...makes me feel powerful and hand stands :D.
  • <<"What Experiences In Life Were Really Fulfilling For Me?" >>

<<Look for the times in your life that were fulfilling for you. These were times when you were just being yourself. >>

  • When people think I am wonderful. That was fulfilling but when they do I go wow...those are some big shoes to fill.
  • Feeling loved and like an important person even though I'm really nobody special.
  • << "What Is My Purpose In Life?" >>
  • To help either an individual or many individuals to heal/rehabilitate. To create a community/refuge for those people who want to get away from the hate in this world and to grow and heal individually as well.
  • << "What Am I Afraid Of?" >>
  • Dying before I've gotten a chance to finish it all.
  • << "Who Can I Tell?" >>
  • Grace when she isn't busy with her new life.
  • My Wife
  • Cyz if I stopped being lazy!
  • My uncle when we're alone just the 3 of -us- and him
  • My principal/former teachers if I could figure out how to word it properly.
  • My dad and grandma (well grandma when she's not run down with my constantly evolving ideals) and my dad's always open to my alternative lifestyles.
  • VanDwellers when I stop being shy.
  • << "How Do I Put My Purpose In Place?" >>
  • One day at a time.
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