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basically, my all-time tbr. my personal listography is full of movies and life experiences and i needed one for books

Roxie follows:
  • Atuk Gawande; Letting Go
  • Darren Chetty; 'You can't say that! Stories have to be about white people'
  • David Foster Wallace; This is Water
  • David H. Freedman; Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science
  • David Hobbs; A Depression Switch?
  • David Mamet; A tradition of theater as Art
  • David Mamet; Against Amplification
  • David Mamet; Drama
  • David Mamet; Epitaph for Tennessee Williams
  • David Mamet; Radio
  • David Mamet; Realism
  • Denis Diderot; The Paradox of Acting
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald; The Crack-Up
  • Gretel Ehrlich; The Solace of Open Spaces
  • Henry Adams; A Law of Acceleration
  • Inua Ellams; Cutting through (on black barbershops and masculinity)
  • Joan Didion; Slouching Towards Betlehem
  • John Cassidy; Mind Games
  • John Colapinto; Brain Games
  • Leslie Jamison; The Empathy Exams
  • Neil Gaiman; Make Good Art
  • Rachel Carson; The Marginal World
  • Robert Frost; The Figure a Poem Makes
  • Robin Marantz Henig; Looking for the Lie
  • Sabrina Mahfouz; Wearing where you're at immigration and UK fashion
  • Stephen Hawking & Leonard Mlodinow; The (Elusive) Theory of Everything
  • Sylvia Nasar & David Gruber; Manifold Destiny
  • Tim Zimmermann; The Killer in the Pool
  • Virginia Woolf; Modern Fiction
  • Virginia Woolf; The Death of a Moth
  • Wendell Berry; Carmichael's Bookstore
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