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Lists are something I've known for a long time are great to make for organization, productivity, memory and other such stuff. Despite this only recently have I begun making them. I find that even when I do, I don't look at them too often and I even more rarely actually do anything on those lists. Either way it's still fun to make them and let people get to knowm me a little and keep track of some ...

GothFvck follows:
listography FAQ
tehya people (baby names 2019)
people (youtubers i watch)
  • Spatula - Bamboo or other sustainable US wood
  • Wooden spoon - " "
  • Rolling pin
  • Pot - Small cast iron
  • Can opener
  • Chef knife
  • Bread knife
  • Cutting board
  • Scooter - Used, with windshield. Vespa style, not old person...
  • Baskets for bicycle
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