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you don't HAVE to tag this, I wont have a rage fit in ur DMs if you don't or something (might softblock u tho) but I would prefer you did, as theres personal reasons why i'd like to not see this. Mental stuff I'm working on. Catchall for these is "laura dont look" !!

- Suicide Mouse (clips of it, audio, art, everything please)and overall uncanny/unnerving imagery of Mickey Mouse in general.

- Nepeta from Homestuck (I know it sounds silly, but please tag that character)

-Devin "Ghost" Sola

-Audio of Twitching Banshee, Broken spine girl, and Coat Rack monster from Spirit Halloween. (Im cool with just pics though!)

- The game "Sad Satan"

- The "Dawn Of The Black Hearts" album cover

- Traumacore

- Quiet Room Bears

-"in your walls/skin/eyes" jokes

- Disordered Eating

- Self Harm (healed scars are ok!)

- the bands Twenty One Pilots, A Killers Confession, Mushroomhead, and Famous Last Words' "Two Faced Charade" album/film.

- The Song "Rats" by Motionless in white, "Daddy" by KoRn, and "Kim" by Eminem, "Im Sorry Im Sorry" by Kikuo

- Real life gore (horror movies and art is ok!)

- eye gore, drawn or real.

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jun 14 2022 +