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Quick guide to my hoarde! This isn’t all my companions, this is just the ones I’ve talked to enough to make an introduction for them. A few of the ones I mention in intra-hoarde relationships aren’t introduced yet.



  • Mainly she/her, but any pronouns work.
  • Her gender is Clairespanion
  • Main companion since childhood (about 16 years)
  • Her age is also 16, but she doesn’t age quite like a human. She doesn’t think she’ll ever age past 16.
  • White Cuddles Pink Blush bear from Build-a-Bear

Intra-hoarde Relationships:

  • Bearie and I are currently in an alterous relationship. I sometimes refer to her as my girlfriend, but I don’t use the world to imply romantic involvement.
  • Jill and Jack are her cousins
  • Hugs, Polar, Whizzer, and Lucy are her younger siblings
  • Uncle is her uncle


  • Attention
  • Physical affection
  • Pink, purple, and yellow
  • Reading
  • Horror


  • Being ignored
  • Being held “rudely” (upside down, covering her face, by one limb, etc)
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