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Quick guide to the Bright Light Hoarde, plus some of Icky's other companions! Please try and keep likes, and especially dislikes, in mind when interacting with companions.



  • My main companion since I was approx two
  • Mainly she/her, but any pronouns work
  • Her gender is Clairespanion
  • She identifies as 16, but she doesn’t age chronologically. She doesn’t think she’ll ever be older than 16, and she thinks she might get younger again. She prefers to be treated as an adult regardless of age, and has the mental capacity of such.

Currently, she and I (Icky) are in an alterous/queerplatonic relationship! I sometimes refer to her as my girlfriend, but I don’t use the word with any romantic intent.


  • Horror
  • Attention
  • The colors pink, purple, and yellow.
  • Fashion


  • Having her sentience ignored
  • Somewhat sex repulsed. Jokes about it are fine, but she is uncomfortable with anything sexual involving her and any porn.

Intra-Hoarde Relationships:

  • Part of the Bear family. She’s the older sister of Hugs, Polar, and Whizzer. Jack, Jill, and Lucy are her cousins, and Uncle is her uncle.
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