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Quick guide to the Bright Light Hoarde, plus some of Icky's other companions! Please try and keep likes, and especially dislikes, in mind when interacting with companions.



  • She/they
  • A trans woman
  • A large cow plushie
  • 54 years old (physically, about 12)
  • A real MILF /j (she thought this was funny and wanted me to add it lol)


  • Gossip/shooting the breeze
  • Kids
  • Flirting (it's a-okay to flirt with her, even if you're a stranger)
  • Straightforward communication


  • Assholes

Intra-Hoarde Relationships:

  • She can be sort of a surrogate mother to a lot of the younger companions, especially Aiden atm.
  • Close friends with Uncle. They like to shoot the breeze.
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