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  • Sasha
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  • Bigender She/Her/They/Them (female/agender)
  • Demi-homoromantic
  • English/Spanish OK!
  • Cuban American
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  • Cosplayer
  • INFJ
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  • Follow my gf @eiprej
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jan 12 2019 +
  • If you followed me you automatically have an open invitation to reply/tag/dm me about anything at any time whether we're mutuals or not! Don't be shy I'm memes and a good time
  • I occasionally "tag" things by tweeting something like "Lrt [insert warning]//" however if there is something specific that you do not want to/cannot see please don't be embarrassed to dm me! I want you all to feel safe here so let me know. I also do this with spoilers for new-ish things so by all means if you see me posting spoilers for something you're currently completing feel free to dm me about that too and I'll make sure to tag it for you
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  • You're just going to unfollow if I don't follow back
  • You are planning to read Killing Stalking/have read it and found nothing wrong with it. If you want a detailed explanation dm me but I do not want to see any KS defense or support from any of my followers. If I see any support I will unfollow/soft block you (this refers only to genuine enjoyment/inability to see the problem with it. tweets that meme on it are fine LMAO)
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  • You can call me Sasha but I also go by Fusushi. Sash is also acceptable c:
  • Sushi enthusiast
  • Shark lover
  • Potty mouth I'm so sorry
  • I have opinions and I express them from time to time
  • Keysmashing is basically punctuation for me and at this point I can't stop
  • Your local bpd friend
  • College student (suffering™)
  • I draw sometimes
  • I like #edgy things but I'm actually a huge weenie
  • Yes my mom is the iconic memer mom
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aug 2 2018 +
  • SIF/love live & LLSS
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Sonic the hedgehog
  • Fire Emblem
  • K project
  • Persona 5
  • Dangan Ronpa
  • Bungo Stray Dogs
  • +misc bc I'm into many things but these are the main ones!
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feb 16 2019 +

For funsies here are some characters I love more than I love myself (the ever growing list) :

  • Yohane (LLSS)
  • Dazai (BSD)
  • Fushimi (K project)
  • Silver (STH)
  • Leo (Fire emblem: Fates)
  • Takumi (Fire emblem: Fates)
  • Henry (Fire emblem: Awakening)
  • Kaworu (NGE)
  • Kokichi Ouma (drv3)
  • Rantarou Amami (drv3)
  • Ryuji Sakamoto (P5)
  • Lea/Axel (KH)

Feel free to talk to me about any of these characters and I will gladly talk ur ear off probably!!

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feb 16 2019 +

Add/follow me on any of these if you like


  • pen2men (My side blog. Gets used from time to time for tag diving but honestly I rarely use these anymore. Still, feel free to follow anyway. Lmk if you do and I'll follow back c:)
  • nerv-headquarters (NGE only blog)
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