• i enjoy arts of all forms and mediums, and as an artist, i am trying to pursue motion designing/vfx/and illustration (hobby)
  • i tend to be very talkative but if i am tired, i am on clouds and idle often
  • i absolutely love colors especially yellow and anything on the 'warm' spectrum


  • as an artist, i do not want my art to be reposted nor claimed as one's own art. if you want to repost, just retweet or chain from my own profile. otherwise, please do not repost the art.
  • i also do NOT want those to use my OCS as their own. They are my heart and my soul, my own creation and it hurts me that you would just take that and erase their whole identity to make it your own. Do NOT do this.
jan 13 2019 ∞
jan 13 2019 +