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though time be against us,
hope shall ever be on our side

Kass follows:

hi i'm kass and i think only in twitch emojis

  • he/him
  • sagittarius / chaotic good / infj-t / optimist
  • usa / cst
  • college student / cybersecurity major
  • atheist
  • johari / nohari


  • video games: rpgs (jrpgs and western), action games, mmos
  • music: new rap, various genres of rock (progressive rock, math rock, post-hardcore, etc)
  • anime/manga: mochijun, nge, fma, jjba, naruto
  • shoes: mostly sneakers
  • reading: philosophy, sociology, anthropology


feel free to send a pm or ask for my discord

may 16 2019 ∞
oct 6 2019 +