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Britt follows:
  • I have been professionally diagnosed with the following:

~ Bipolar (potentially Borderline Personality Disorder) ~ Schizoaffective Disorder ~ Nonverbal Learning Disorder ~ ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) ~ Generalized Anxiety Disorder

  • I take a variety of medications, which causes insecurity when mentioned.
  • It is difficult to get along with my father, so you'll probably see many rants about him and the depression he causes.
  • Please refrain from suggesting anything about learning to drive; it causes an awful amount of anxiety.
  • A few years ago, my mother gave birth to twins. Unfortunately, only one survived (Eli). The other (Christopher) was diagnosed with Anencephaly/Acrania and passed away hours after birth. Please tag tweets about infant/child death.
  • Absolutely do NOT joke about rape. Though I myself have not experienced it, a close friend of mine has. The topic is anxiety-inducing and I will call you out on it. If you are speaking seriously about the topic, please tag tweets about rape.
  • I am the 2nd out of 12 of my mothers children and it is VERY stressful having so many siblings.
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