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Hello. This is about me and what i create.

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★ Call me either Flora or Florian. Butch Lesbian. Single and not looking. Polish.

★ I use both female and male pronouns, but i am an androgynous woman.

★ In my 20s, but i'm still very young.

★ I don't have the most pleasant personality nor looks, but i'm chill.

★ I am schizotypal with personality/dissociative disorder + OCD. Think i'm faking it because i disagree with you? Cool!

★ My favorite color is brown. I really like sheeps and dragons.

★ Conversations are easiest for me in places that allow sexual, gore or otherwise sensitive (with limits) conversations, but i don't talk often.

★ Our views can and will differ, unless this is something serious i don't really care. You do You.

★ Games i really like and revisit often are TES Morrowind, Segawa Horrors (END R...

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★ My favourite genres are horrorcore/rap in general. I stray from this by also listening to britpop/british rock is also coo. I really like female vocals, and pieces about either taboo topics or female sexuality. Or about murderous garbage truck operators.. My music taste really sucks, we will get along no matter what you like!

★ Most often i listen to Juggalo-Adjacent music and rap.

  • ICP faves are (1)[] (2)[] (3)[](4)[] (5)[]
  • Boondox + Some others.. (1)[] (2)[] (3)[](4)[] (5)[]
  • Fred Durst doesn't really fit but they collabed; SO!(1)[] (2)[] (3)[](4)[] (5)[]

★ I find myself in need of something calmer (lesbian music most of the time) i go:

  • Cocteau Twins (1)[] (2)[] (3)[](4)[] (5)[]
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★ My art is 16+ suggested.

★ I don't do commissions. YCH's occasionally when i feel like it. Trades are OK.

★ I am a semi-toony artist and my work focuses on psychedelic portrayals of anthro animals.

★ I also enjoy gore and topics of demise and rot.

★ My NSFW works range from lesbian porn to cannibalism, gore, and fetish.

★ I like to think my work is influenced by osamu sato visual/audio works, Juggalo-adjacent creators, media/movie portrayal of redneck/USA south (cowboy/cowgirl rootin tootin shootin), struggles with delusions, blacklight/UV reactive posters, rusted shut shit places, taboo topics (Genuine taboo, not being a pedo/zoo with buzzword label) being a based homosexual female and summer in eastern europe.

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★ My Furaffinity

★ My Twitter

★ I draw with CSP only on Huion HS611. I've started drawing in 2019 using PTS, pawned laptop and awful wacom tablet, and made the switch in the summer of 2019. I never switched back haha. I started coming back to traditional art recently, around the start of 2022..

★ As of 15th of May, 2022, i've been drawing for exactly 3 years, 2 months, 27 days! It really flew by :)

★ Useful site for effects: PHOTOMOSH

★ I resize and rework my animations here! EZGIF

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