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I'm a 24-year-old bespectacled Aussie trashbag who spends his days drawing, playing vidya games, watching YouTube, listening to music and ranting a lot. o/

MeidoGhoul follows:

Factkin: I am only okay with Factkin of long-dead famous and non-famous folks and fictional depictions of real-life public figures, either alive, recently dead, or long-dead; BUT only as long as you're not blabbering about it where the people or their families can clearly see or saying you're literally them - identity theft is still identity theft even if you're from an alternate universe. Basically, if you're 'kin with some random dude from the 1800's, non-fictional Alexander Hamilton, or AntiSepticEye, I'll be cool with you as long as you're kind-hearted in this life, don't steal identities, don't speak to anyone you may have been related to in your past life (canonmates not included), and regret any negative or bigotted past actions.

Cleaning: Bipolar makes cleaning an issue for me, especially since clutter actually keeps me calm and comforted; so when so...

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