When I watched Tangled I thought it was a Tragedy. It was a bit discouraging, I thought it would be funny the humour with the witch in the trailer but when I watched it, it was all black and white. Playing to people's desires to have something clear cut.

It begins with a story about an old woman: witch, traditionally witches are cast as evil people. She is alone in the woods, she has never hurt anyone just kept to herself. She is getting ready to die. At some point she witnesses the birth of a flower or she finds this flower which when you 'sing' to it gives you life. Most people today are afraid to die, she found this treasure and many of us can attest that if we found a rare treasure we would probably keep it secret for fear of what others would do to it: Steal it, destroy it, burn it. So she kept this flower safe and used it to keep herself young. It's im...

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LIFE GOALS To create a long-term care group home/Foster care home (orphanage) for children, or to work at one in a place that has it. EXAMPLE GROUP HOMES: Emergency short-term care for runaways infant/mothers WHAT IS A GROUP HOME? (And can I have an orphanage in America?): "group homes Residential facilities for children. Group homes may receive funding from state or federal sources, or they may be privately funded by religious organizations or donations from various groups. Some group homes receive a mixture of federal, state and private funding. The children may be foster children, or they may be children who have been placed in the group home voluntarily by parents. Click Here to Learn More Group homes usually house children over age five and provide temporary shelter for emergency situations or long-term shelter for hard-to-place children, such as teenagers or large sibling groups. Som...

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Long-term placements: -Sibling Groups -Parents who no longer want their children. -Orphaned/Abandoned children -Some foster children -Young children with mental illnesses etc. The Goal? Providing a family environment for children from infancy to age 21. The group home's goal would be to prepare them for life and to not just 'throw them out' after 18. The focus would be to help them find a job and a way to make a living. Things we'd offer -Teachers (Education): Homeschooling/Tutors in a classroom like setting. -Therapy/Counseling -Learning hygiene, order. -Learning how to process and handle emotions. -Animal Therapy (nurturing abused animals) -A Family. -Training in First Aid/CPR/AED -Giving back to the community. I would like to organize volunteering whether it be abroad or 'here', planned trips where the children can live with a host family and learn a language, some music, martial arts, ...

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Looking back on this list nothing much has changed about me. I am still very 'activist' minded, very interested in society and making a difference in a way. And I'm still extremely 'paranoid'. I believe self-sufficiency is a must, that natural disasters or war could break out civil or foreign at any point and that we have to always be prepared for that. And I also fear being assaulted or dying a horrible death because of so many people out there who want to hurt others, that I would be a victim of that.

Things I am doing with my life, traveling the world in a van. I am an up and coming van dweller with my wife and friend and pets.

I hate war, and wish there were peace. I hate violence and murder and wish people could learn tolerance towards each other and learn to respect each other and cultu...

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