Looking back on this list nothing much has changed about me. I am still very 'activist' minded, very interested in society and making a difference in a way. And I'm still extremely 'paranoid'. I believe self-sufficiency is a must, that natural disasters or war could break out civil or foreign at any point and that we have to always be prepared for that. And I also fear being assaulted or dying a horrible death because of so many people out there who want to hurt others, that I would be a victim of that.

Things I am doing with my life, traveling the world in a van. I am an up and coming van dweller with my wife and friend and pets.

I hate war, and wish there were peace. I hate violence and murder and wish people could learn tolerance towards each other and learn to respect each other and cultural differences. I feel so much of that is so ingrained in our society, in our very genetic make up that the only thing I can hope to do instead is to make it easier for others.

My aim was once children. It still is 'children' but I would like to help a broad range of people. Perhaps refugees or orphans. And animaals. I want to do something with my life for others, I just need to, that desire is so great. I hope I live long enough to make a difference and I hope that the writing I do can have some effect on others as well.

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