Long-term placements: -Sibling Groups -Parents who no longer want their children. -Orphaned/Abandoned children -Some foster children -Young children with mental illnesses etc. The Goal? Providing a family environment for children from infancy to age 21. The group home's goal would be to prepare them for life and to not just 'throw them out' after 18. The focus would be to help them find a job and a way to make a living. Things we'd offer -Teachers (Education): Homeschooling/Tutors in a classroom like setting. -Therapy/Counseling -Learning hygiene, order. -Learning how to process and handle emotions. -Animal Therapy (nurturing abused animals) -A Family. -Training in First Aid/CPR/AED -Giving back to the community. I would like to organize volunteering whether it be abroad or 'here', planned trips where the children can live with a host family and learn a language, some music, martial arts, whatever. But volunteer services that they would be apart. To be accepted the children would have to accept the other members. There would be no tolerance for abusing other children, and an emphasis on personal space and what happens if hurting another family member is broken (they are removed and the police would be call). What I need to do to get to this point: -A large house with enough rooms -Land (enough) -A way to fund all this, like a job to sustain bills, foods, a way to do this. -Emotionally stable, a lot of the children will come from harsh backgrounds. To be able to emotionally and mentally handle this. -Perhaps a counseling degree, perhaps a teaching degree(?), knowledge in first aid etc.

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