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  • Payment done Via Paypal
  • Digital flat coloured references are prefered, but it's optional. :) As long as the reference is clear, it works.
  • I will not draw NSFW sexual themed pictures unless we're friends. Suggestive pictures are fine, but I will reject your request if it makes me uncomfortable.
  • No fetish pictures
  • I'm okay with drawing gore or guro, however, the same rules apply here. If it makes me uncomfortable, I'll reject it.
  • I'm fine with drawing canon characters and CanonxOC pictures. Ya'll are valid
  • Don't rush me, I do all my commissions by order, so if someone is before you, chances are I won't start on your commission until I'm done with theirs!
  • I will livestream my commissions on Twitch, usually on fridays and/or the weekend and I will be sure to message you when I ...
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jan 31 2019 +
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  • Lordvisgrey - Camille Bust - Not Started Yet
  • Inkomi - Villain Waist-Up - Not Started Yet
  • Daedyes - Full Body sketches - 0/3 drawings finished
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