january (10)

  • mirage 2018
    • BL drama no shuen ni narimashita 3/3
  • neko bukken
    • love like a k-drama
  • glass no shiro (glass castle)
    • bentoya-san s1 4/4
  • chungking express (what a trip..... my reason for getting a trial for mubi! this and happy together hehe)
  • happy together
    • you are what you eat series 4/4
  • dogtooth (wtf..............)
  • mamma mia (not for me...)
  • society of the snow
    • behind her eyes ep1 then i read the plot lol
  • suzume! yay
  • zodiac (2007)

note: annoyingly, during this month i lost access to playing all sites (netflix, disney, prime, hbo, mubi) on my laptop because of my outdated mac version.... for which there isn't a way to update anyhow.... lol

february (10+6=16)

  • la haine (hate, french) 1995 on mubi
  • the chambermaid lynn
  • no hard feelings
    • sahara sensei to toki-kun 8/8 eps
  • the boy and the heron (watched ALONE in the cinema, as in just me... hahaha SM director's club)
  • in the mood for love (thought it would be more tension-filled...b ut it was just slow. alas)
  • lover killer stalker
    • can i tell you a secret sorta-docu

march (16+ )

    • perfect propose 6/6
    • tsukutabe s2 20/20
  • and yet you are so sweet (chigira-kun)
  • anatomy of a fall
  • dune part 2 (IMAX SM Mega w bro thx)
jan 3 2024 ∞
mar 23 2024 +