I'm a guy looking for a lifelong relationship, send me a message on discord if i seem interesting to you!

I know this probably makes me look desperate, lame or weird or whatever else you'd like to think, but at least talk with me before you blindly judge me!

If you'd like to see whether we'd be good together, you could take this quiz: https://uquiz.com/zcY7es and wait to see if i add you

And here's my Pinterest if you're interested as well: https://www.pinterest.com/Redzy17/

If you click "main" on the upper left-ish of this page (under my pfp) to see a bunch of stuff about me!

Lastly, regardless of what you decide to do after seeing this, have a good day!

jun 28 2024 ∞
jul 12 2024 +