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HELLOO my names saga !! umm im going thru like a mid life crisis wit my art rn sooooo its not the beeeest?? but enjoy nontheless!

some info hehe!! i am vegetarian (and dont eat eggs) right now but i wanna be vegan as soon as i can!

um i have two bunny babies and i love them so so much90% of my life is sorrounding my bunnys

may 8 2017 ∞
may 11 2018 +
user picture chloe: ..... pure...... saga u r an angel aug 12 2017
user picture saga: th i s is such a nice comment omG THANK UU AAAAA YOURE A SWEETHEART AGRSVG aug 13 2017
user picture chloe: !!!!!!! YOU R THE SWEETHEART aug 14 2017