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A ragtag group of barely-capable misfits.

We are not parts of a whole, we are not broken. We are all each our own whole people; not a part of each other, nor a part of some "original". We believe ourselves to all have a soul, and though our trauma shaped us, it isn't us, but a footnote in our life that one day, I hope, we can move past. But we are glad to exist, and we aren't going anywhere.

Strays follows:

•Agender feminine (She/They) •19 •Birthday: July 5 (Cancer)

•Chloe isn't actually around more than the others, she's just more social than pretty much anyone else. She is loud, rebellious, joking, and sprightly. She doesn't think before talking and will immediately do something if you tell her not to.

•Likes drawing, painting, indie type music, photography, exploring cities, MMOs and rpg video games.

•Physical cues: does not enunciate words clearly, has a slightly higher voice, talks a lot more than most, likes to tease people

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