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hi, there!

my media interests r found in my ongoing, and my other interests (and extra stuff) r found in my archive

  • 17 yrs old
  • he/she preferred
    • they/it r ok online
  • queer
  • sx5 ili lvfe
  • disabled
  • eastern canadian
    • white and native

base site | toyhouse | pinterest | music, etc.

jul 2 2022 ∞
apr 1 2024 +
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(listed only applies to individual interactions online)

"do not interact" (aka types of ppl i do not fw)

  • 14 yrs old or under
  • standard criteria (obv)
  • aside from the above, i have no "dni"
    • this doesn't mean i don't block liberally!

before you interact

  • critical of all media
    • i enjoy media that contains (harmless) sensitive content
  • i may take time replying to messages for various reasons. keep in mind, it's never personal - i will try to reply eventually. if i don't, just reach out again
feb 17 2022 ∞
mar 22 2024 +