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"phoenix wright and miles edgeworth are literally the gayest characters I have ever seen like what straight man says to another straight man that he causes him "unnecessary feelings?" what straight man who isn't harboring any latent homosexual feelings for his childhood fr

mars follows:
  • i don't follow back all the time because i don't like cluttering my TL, but if we share mutuals/a lot of interests there is a chance i will! otherwise i don't mind if you try talking to me, though i ask that you *PLEASE DO NOT DM ME IF WE'RE NOT CLOSE/IT'S NOT FOR COMMISSIONS as that makes me extremely anxious*. mentions are fine.
  • i will most likely not follow back if you're under 16.
  • i'm fine with being referred to with both masculine and neutral terms, but pronoun wise please stick to using he/him only.
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