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remember how i said i want my ashes pressed into vinyl? yeah that wasn't a joke. these are the most important and influential pieces of music i have ever found in my life. put them on there. list is in order of chronological discovery.

  • is it me - the kooks (2014)
  • naive melody - talking heads (2017)
  • lucifer rising - crispy ambulance (2017)
  • push th' little daisies - ween (2017)
  • peaches en regalia - frank zappa (2018)
  • ventura highway - america (2019)

slow to update and very, very small as of the moment because i want to make sure only THEE most revolutionary songs i've come across are included here. they gotta mean something big. usually associated with major turning points or intense periods of reflection/change in my life. these are turn of the century tunes for me right here, boys. coming of age music.

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