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paladin / 18 / it its
post punk enthusiast

music list = complete reference of my library
labels list = labels i like the most
genres/styles list = self explanatory
to do/on hold list = bookmarking

paladin follows:

hi im pal and music is my passion

  • rock dominant library
  • i know what im doing
  • aspiring multi-instrumentalist (dont play anything yet im baby)
  • the kooks are my favorite band of all time (7/25/14 ❤)
  • is it me is my favorite song of all time (tatted march of 2017 ❤)
  • listen (2014) was the first album i ever bought/owned (1/21/15 ❤)
  • songs in my spotify library currently: 3304
  • when i die i want my ashes pressed into a 12" (tracklist evergrowing)
  • haven't been to any shows yet but someday. Someday.
  • my friends think i have good taste and a good ear (thank u)
  • i have a preference for original pressings and fsr reissues really fuck with my ocd (the compulsion for perfection is real!) but i try not to be picky.. as long as i have the music yeah?
  • if you want to see my collection, wantlist, scrobbles, (mostly) full listening history, and playlists, everything you need is below :) vvv the complete paladin experience at ur fingertips vvv
  • discogs: znarkand
  • lastfm: znarkand
  • spotify: tf2engineer
  • bandcamp: butchdelorias

i don't post music on bandcamp i just buy it

apr 11 2019 ∞
may 13 2019 +