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post punk enthusiast

music list = complete reference of my library
labels list = labels i like the most
genres/styles list = self explanatory
to do/on hold list = bookmarking

paladin follows:

god tier, absolute favorites

  • punk, post punk, zolo, jazz punk, avant punk, free funk, riot grrrl (think the slits), dub, avant garde, avant funk, avant jazz, noise, distortion, experimental, art rock, new wave, no wave, dark wave, goth rock, industrial rock, early/classic alternative, college rock, for lack of better moniker: 80s pop, lo-fi (like ACTUAL lo-fidelity basement/garage quality lo-fi), jpop, jrock, edm, glitch hop

not my top favs but still really damn good

  • math rock, indie rock, indie pop, jangle pop, prog rock, prog pop, britpop, shoegaze, chillwave, minimal/minimalsynth, ska punk (sometimes), twee pop, dream pop, bedroom pop, post rock, synth pop, synthwave, vaporwave, city pop, golden age hip hop, doo wop + other assorted oldies

casual listener/not a master at these lol

  • industrial rap/hip hop, plunderphonics, psychobilly, anarcho punk, grunge, breakcore, phonk

don't like these. at all.

  • country (folk/westerns from the mid 20th century are a whole nother story. i got spurs babey.), pop punk, classic rock, glam rock, power pop
  • i like to think that i am very flexible and open minded when it comes to tunes but to say "i listen to everything!" would be a damn lie so that's why this is here.

obviously some of these genres/styles are at crossroads and overlap more often than not so sorry if some of these are redundant but i really wanted to get it ALL yknow. one day i might feel spicy and hyperlink all these with examples of bands that i feel best fall in these categories. also disclaimer the lower the rank of the genre doesn't necessarily mean that i can't be passionate as hell about a particular artist that belongs to a respective genre. like i love the shit out of death grips but i know close to nothing about the west coast rap scene etcetera. these are ranked by which genres are the most dominating in my life, which im most familiar with, and those i am most passionate about. specialities basically. but that doesn't mean an artist is exempt from my potential undying interest regardless of whether or not they align with my most favorite genres. most everything here is subject to change.

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