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  • i am in a wonderful romantic relationship with liam hemsworth (for some reason). later, dad is helping me board up the windows of my house with cardboard
  • winning squidcraft. later i miss my bus in the city but i still find mom and tanja next to some lockers. we then go to a breakfast shop to get some delicious scrambled eggs and fresh bread rolls that smell fantastic.
  • ♡ watching a video where george kisses dream lovingly, i gasp and want to show tanja.
  • i am in a movie in a school, i am the main character (sandman?) and i have a shotgun and a pistol, and i know how to use them. i fight against someone, at one point hiding in a bathroom and checking if i still have ammunition left. later there are many kitties, and also my pet dragon (?)
  • seeing many luxury houses that look like objects (e.g. chair) and toys (e.g. playmobil house), and wanting to move into them. then writing down my dream.
  • ⚑ me and tanja are in my childhood bedroom, she says the famous poisonous "ice queen" is there. i look, expecting a big spider, but it's a butterfly/moth. it flies into my face (and i wake up)
  • thetwif is in an episode of a tv show i'm watching, she is being interviews about her childhood. i say to tanja "yeah, she told me that too, once"
  • ♡ i start a new minecraft server and build a water elevator. george, sapnap, tina and a few others join me, and i am so happy they choose my server as their next main server to play on. i promise them to add some anti-griefing plugins, and they say it's a good idea. sapnap hums a love song while making eyecontact with me.
  • ♡ me and others are in a swimming pool. two men in the pool have bleeding hands. one of them leaves, fleeing to the restroom. i follow. it's robert pattinson. i take his bleeding hands gently and tell him to rest.
  • sebastian from high school points out that my spotify profile is not verified. i say it is intentional. together we make a project to prove how unsafe it is, impersonating our teacher and breaking up with her abusive husband. later, the teacher (visibly upset) asks who it was. nobody says anything. i say something about having had a crush on flo in highschool, and julia from middle school starts teasing me about how it was obvious and i was so embarrasing, so i get mad and say loudly "it was her!". eventually it comes out that it was me. paul dano is there, and doesn't forgive me. he walks past me, holding my hand, slowly letting go after a few seconds (there is a timer counting the seconds). the boys in the class are really into art suddenly.

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