2018 CONCEPT: Law Of Attraction

  • #fitbae2018 ! lose all the weight, and build a body i am confident in, be physically stronger! gym, gym, gym
  • build confidence and give myself more credit and don't underestimate myself
  • LOVE MYSELF (any armys here XDD) jessie said i can only be loved by someone else only if im confident and love myself too
  • hone my hobbies !!
    • writing, journalling, blogging
    • photography, videography
    • languages (korean), the world, discovery channel
    • skateboarding, gaming
  • explore nsw ! sightseeing, hiking etc.
  • read 10-15 books – branch out with genres, build a database of knowledge for books ! reading is good
  • listen to more, and different types of music
  • save up! not sure for what but ! let's do a 10k goal again this year!
  • touch-base with old friends, but don't forget to make new ones (but be careful!)
  • swear less
  • be grateful more, for my family in particular
  • don't get bogged down by the daily grind. take a step back, go to the beach, look at the ocean and realise how insignificant things are in retrospect
  • always stay in perspective, have a clear outlook – and realise what it is you want; whether its from myself, from people, from friendships and family, from career or education etc
  • always constantly re-evaluate the people in my life; take a step back and see who they are, how they influence me, do i want this?
  • literally go with the flow, don't anticipate too much, don't hold unrealistic expectations, don't overthink
  • this year is about ME !!! boys don't exist for the time being sorry !!
  • honestly, have a GOOD one ! the year started off fantastic, it will ONLY get better – that's the only way i'm having it


  • transfer into commerce/business (marketing)
  • considering IT? nah
  • apply for BIG NAME internships; unilever, p&g, amex etc. this is the real deal !
  • start an online presence that is career appropriate
  • think about austern/organise schedules
  • if possible, attend networking events or seminars that will be beneficial for my knowledge in regards to my degree
  • take it easy
jan 1 2018 ∞
jan 5 2018 +