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tento me esforçar para ler um pouco sobre uma variedade de assuntos, mas sou tendenciosa a favorecer textos sobre educação, literatura, e cultura.


  • the radical tenderness manifesto
  • what if you could do it all over?
  • an essay on children's games
  • lisa simpson: the smartest and saddest kid in grade two
  • stone-age toddlers had art lessons


  • the gradual extinction of softness
  • when will my sense of linear time come back?
  • stevie nicks is still living her dreams
  • does your daughter know it's okay to be angry?
  • emily dickinson and the creative solitude of space


  • great books are still great
  • what industrial societies gets wrong about childhood
  • embracing imperfection writing in a foreign language
  • fruits we'll never taste, languages we'll never hear
  • how banning books marginalizes children


  • the beauty-happiness connection
  • children today are suffering a deficit of play
  • unlearning perfectionism
  • every child can become a lover of books
  • the philosophy of hayao miyazaki’s studio ghibli


  • sick woman theory
  • the well-educated person
  • cats learn the names of their feline friends
  • good teachers allow a child’s mind to wander
  • there's no moral imperative to be miserable


  • things not to worry about
  • the moral responsibility to be an informed citizen
  • fred rogers profile interview
  • what happened to the communal revolutionary spirit?
  • google engineer thinks the company’s ai has come to life


  • the lost art of looking at nature
  • what can wittgenstein teach us about raising kids?
  • mary oliver did something rare: she made poetry accessible
  • what should a queer children’s book do?
  • james webb telescope launches astronomy into a new era


  • compassion for the younger you
  • a shortcut for feeling just a little happier
  • how to read less and think for yourself more
  • the rise of lonely, single men
  • rousseau's radical vision of educational freedom


  • don't teach your children to fear the world
  • can you be a revolutionary and still love flowers?
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