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"Lists are the butterfly nets that catch my fleeting thoughts..."
- Betsy Cañas Garmon

I like fiction, coding, film, math, MBTI, philosophy, music, and Pokemon. I pretend to like competitive sports.

I've been on listo since 2010, don't @ me

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Jessica about me
  • I don't want to say any of my accounts are necessarily "NSFW" but I am well over the age of 18 and cannot make any promises on lacking adult themes on my social media.
  • I do tag for most things I can think of (emetophobia, nsfw, nudity, bugs, eye/body horror, gore, pregnancy talk, genital talk, food) but please let me know if there is something you need tagged, even if we are not mutuals/friends.
  • I avoid discoursing in public (except for maybe my Tumblr, in which I occasionally reblog some discourse stuff because it's my blog.) Occasionally you'll see me like posts that I agree with, if you follow me. That's the extent of it. I used to discourse very publicly and still hold some of those views, but I am trying to be less antagonistic these days.
  • On that note, however, I do block discourse-specific Twitter accounts, because I don't want my Twitter experience to involve fandom discourse.
  • Aside from the standard DNI criteria (which I don't bother reiterating because like if you're interested in interacting with me then I highly doubt you need to worry about that), I am anti-TERF, anti-truscum, and anti-transmed.
  • I know that some things I like were created by people of different opinions than me; I approach these discussions/topics with nuance but don't support these views. I know I do not exist in a vacuum and neither does my fanfiction; but my fanfiction is written purely out of storytelling entertainment and nothing else. I cannot promise a lack of unproblematic context as I would like readers to draw their own interpretations from my fics, but I do like to think I have better values than transphobic/homophobic/racist creators.
  • I know I've been an avid fan of TSN in the past and still love the movie to bits; however this does not reflect on my feelings about any IRL counterparts of the characters in the movie, which is vastly negative.
  • In the same vein, I know that I have written RPF about people who do not have great reputations or rumors speculating about them. Again, I like to approach discussions/topics of "problematicness" with nuance - and usually in private - but at the same time, please note that my fic is purely fic for entertainment's sake, and nothing else.
  • To my friends that are anti-RPF: I am avidly, enthusiastically RPF but also I am a big fan of the fourth wall. I do not care if you don't like it if you don't care that I do like it (which also goes for other things that I talk publicly about liking, or vice versa.)
  • I am not a fan of being made fun of for getting into things that no one is into anymore, please don't do it, even jokingly. (I do it self-deprecatingly because I am self-conscious of it.)
  • The only thing I really need hard warnings for are images that trigger trypophobia; I am VERY trypophobic. Everything else I'm probably fine unless my mental health is particularly awful (in which case I shouldn't even be online anyway.) I don't like bugs or moths but can generally deal with them.
  • I am less fussed about IRL friends using my online alias online than online people (especially strangers) using my IRL name online. What this means is: you might see people I interact with IRL call me by my IRL name (as well as possibly my online name)! But my IRL name is very much not for online strangers to use. (Online friends, like, could if they wanted to, but they usually just call me by Arrow.)
  • I don't always follow people who follow me first, but please feel free to talk to me! Generally I am open to new friends and talking to anyone who starts a conversation with me :)
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