• alice in wonderland, batman begins, koe no katachi, final destination 3, pitch perfect


  • my mad fat diary, the o.c., sherlock, misfits, raising hope


  • hunter x hunter, yuri on ice, death note, madoka magica, pokémon


  • rae earl, seth cohen, finn the human, neal caffrey, gon freecss


  • curtain by suho, white noise by exo, don't you know who i think i am? by fall out boy, there's a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven't thought of it yet by panic! at the disco, vampires will never hurt you by my chemical romance


  • three cheers for sweet revenge by my chemical romanace, teenage dream by katy perry, a fever you can't sweat out by panic! at the disco, love lust faith + dreams by 30 seconds to mars, room for squares by john mayer
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