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hogwarts houses

  • gryffindor: high messy ponytails, bleeding knuckles, showing off your motorbike, hugs that take your breath away, accompanying your friends home, bad jokes, comforting your friends after a horror movie, underlining everything from the textbook, truth or dare, listener, not caring about getting wet under the rain, drinking a full glass of water at once, always taking pics of you and your friends when having fun, realizing you are happy when you are with your loved ones, sport events with your friends, stadium lights, 3 am conversations, trusting too much.

pretty things in the sky

  • meteor shower: postcard from old cities, dreams about new experiences and cities, often wonders about the meaning of love and life, always changing like a chameleon, loves everyone, very wise and gives good advice but feels lost in their own life sometimes, believes that home is not a place but a concept


  • crackling fire: always have deep conversations with their most trust-worthy friends, don’t like to be alone, have big expectations for their future and make plans to go after it, board games, can look at the stars for hours without getting bored, believe in soulmates.

people i've fallen in love with

  • a piece of the moon: philosophical talks at 3AM, alcohol, dancing to slow music, oversized sweaters, glasses, texting, wishes they had more time for reading, always sleepy, good grades, gets attached too easily


  • summer girls: everything they do is so luminous and breathtaking, you can’t look away. they make you feel sun-kissed. windows open in the warm evening. feeling nostalgia as you are living in the moment. old french songs on the radio. conversations with them makes you fall in love with the world. scrunchies round their wrist, smiles during kisses, and a signature perfume. magic tumbles from their lips. nothing makes them happier than seeing others happy too. they make you crave sunlight, and ignites a desire to become a better person

greek mythology

  • apollo: the sun, marble, the moment you realize you have fallen in love, music, flowers in the holes of your ripped jeans, neck kisses, reciting poems aloud, sculptures, petting, laying in the green grass next to a lake and sunbathing, walking arm in arm with your lover through a sweet village in italy, intense, suffocating.

terms of endearment

  • honey: messy hair, loud yet beautiful laughter, bold colors, swirly handwriting, pink lipstick, wandering through art museums, dancing for no reason, vibrant dreams


  • sunshine: optimistic, smiles often, quite likes succulents, charming, nearly impossible to be mad at, good with children, has a hard time being cheerful constantly but feels expected to do so, good at keeping secrets (their own & others’)
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