• apr; may/june vacations cancelled, new purity ring, mostly pescatarian diet accidentally
  • mar; podcast catch-up, rock music, finishing multiple knitting projects, covid-19, couch to 10k, the witcher, redoing the balcony, star trek: ds9 and the greatest generation: ds9, uncanny valley, crying through everything data and riker/troi on star trek: picard, new nin!!!!, "stay at home"
  • feb; outro: ego, new poliça, finishing studio ghibli, starting the pt-assigned running program, watching the watchlist of 2019 films, new bts and grimes on the same day, finished a full book, star trek: picard hitting me in the feels
  • jan; depeche mode, studio ghibli, 1970s films, going to the cinema, knitting a blanket for the first time, new star trek, mediterranean eating, suju being suju
jan 1 2020 ∞
apr 8 2020 +