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my favorite things in the year 2021.

— april. first covid vaccine dose!, toshirō mifune (三船敏郎)'s earliest work with akira kurosawa (黒澤明)

— march. warm weather, first runs of the year, couldn't help but wonder: sex and the city season 1 podcast, reading more

— february.the expanse season 1–4, la haine (1995), reading in a patch of sunlight when it's dangerously cold outside, the greatest generation: voyager podcast starting, the expanse season 5

— trek: voyager season 6–7, sunny winter walks, trotro, red hair again, la noire de... (1966), star trek: lower decks season 1, more responsibility at work, the greatest discovery: lower decks season 1 podcast, ↺ chino moreno's music (deftones, †††, palms, team sleep, saudade, etc.)

jan 1 2021 ∞
apr 11 2021 +