july ༉‧₊˚.

eyebrow slit! / played roblox w bae / new york trip! finally got to see my cousins, theyre so fun to b around / got drunk and ate smmm / got boba w my cousins / my aunts cuddled w me and one braided my hair <3 / my cousin gave me a shirt with a tiger on it cs i love tigers! / watched tokyo ghoul w him / fixed up my playlists on spotify / having the butterflies land on me in butterfly world felt so loving, it was so beautiful there

june ༉‧₊˚.

went over his house again <3 / started driving more / absolutely bawled my eyes out when my friend christian gave me a little letter that was the most thoughtful thing ever / hosted a party for my study hall group, i brought food and we played just dance! / played wii sports w my friend mia and leah / went out to eat with leah and it was so fun i wish we spent more time together / gym! / had one last party during the last day / played video games w bae / started picking up new games / went to kaylee's graduation party! it was so fun / he slept over <3 / cut my bangs! / went to the mall w him and had sm fun <3 we have matching chainsawman keychains / learned how to bake cookies! / built pompompurin out of legos / played video games w my cousin alex!

may ༉‧₊˚.

destin trip! it' so gorgeous over there i loved it sm / played volleyball with some kids and played so hard i hit a nerve and broke two nails... whoops / margaritaville is THE place / more chocolate covered strawberries for my faves! / daniel being a good mentor on how to play rocket league / made a tiger bookmark! i love it sm / went over his house again <3 / orlando trip! / seaworld was abust but busche gardens was my FAVE! i got my little tiger plush from there <33 / junior pep rally was wayyy too fun / love my little digital camera, got a photo w two of my fave teachers <3 / got my yearbook signed and cried reading what my teachers wrote me / played card games with my friends outside! love that group sm.

april ༉‧₊˚.

space buns r back! / a teacher dressing up as elsa because he lost a bet to his students LOL / meeting him <3 / went to painting with a twits w my sister and ate dinner too / becoming closer w kaylee n the others / eid! / shared ice cream w him :) and took out photobooth pics w him <3 / he put a polaroid photo of me at the back of his case / he gave me his hoodie! / pool days! / my nieces princess party was so fun, i love her sm / made chocolate covered strawberries for my friends and they loved it!! / he gave me a rose <3 (update 7/13/24: i still have it) / went over his house <3 / bought sm from primark / got my drivers license!

march ༉‧₊˚.

new haircut! / went to the park and got holy cow milkshakes after / ramadan! / getting rid of a toxic friend feels so freeing / frank ocean month / future month / basking in the sun makes me happy / pool days! / went to the fair and ate so good after

february ༉‧₊˚.

i got the job! / doing an amazing job for my first day of work! bonded with the kids, they like me already :,) / building my perfume collection (with the help of my momma) / feeling more bright recently / having the best valentines day ever, especially with 30 minute yoga w my friends and starting the dance at lunch / getting my first paycheck! i’m so proud of myself / miami zoo trip! / watching the bob marley movie and crying over how much it touched my heart

january ༉‧₊˚.

celebrating new years w shandy! / its like im living in a romance book oh my. / removing negativity / connecting w my religion more / picking up music! / getting my beautiful guitar / putting my ipad to use / getting into the driving program! / avatar! / focusing on my hair n getting it to its waviest potential / loving my friends sm / on a journey to clear skin! / focusing on my goals / driving! sm fun / loving my friends unconditionally and letting in new experiences <3

jan 7 2024 ∞
jul 19 2024 +