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march ˎˊ-

    • went on a trip to miami university and zoo w/my friends and boyfriend! had sm fun. / went to key west and on the glassbottom boat! also watched the sunset on the boat <3 / went to see a play with liz. / sometimes showing up for yourself means that you have to disappoint other people. and that it is okay. / laughing gas with leah. / he has his own box of memories filled with the things i gifted him :) / he gifted me flowers from his front yard. / had a very enjoyable time with my friends at liz's birthday party!

february ˎˊ-

    • sang happy birthday to leah! / minecraft era. / sienna gave me the arctic monkeys vinyl. / decorated my old chemistry teachers door for valentines day! / jjba fanatic. / a loving valentines day <3. / seeing 222 everywhere. / the healing process isn't linear. but that's certainly ok. / pilates is fun. / i love my friends. / went to paint pottery with liz and leah! loving my heart vase. / saw in the heights play with my bf and friends! / danced so much during mia's party. hung out with liz and leah in the lobby after a while and waltzed with them, the connection is unreal. / bonding with fal and kei <3

january ˎˊ-

    • spent new years and a special night with him. / it already feels like my year. / played his oculus for the first time. / he got me the jellycat bunny ive wanted for a long time as my anniversary gift. i cried. / gave him my cultural food to try and he loved it. / went to the morakami garden & museum for our early anniversary celebration. / he got me a promise ring for our 1 year. / cool glasses, cool polaroid. / had a fun field day. i felt free when running. / first time driving on the road. i love it. / obsessed with the angel wing charms for my headphones. / liberation. change. heal.
jan 1 2023 ∞
mar 20 2023 +