• likes:music,sweets, pretty colors (pastel colors; yellow & blue), bob, clouds, space(mostly stars LOL), art(painting!!), sweaters, fluffy cows, plushies, stickers, legend of Zelda(botw), Pokémon(x&y,swsh,journeys,twilight wings, sun and moon),animal crossing, fish (favorites are ranchu goldfish and ocean sunfish), flowers ( marigolds),pretty skies/sunsets, graphic design, abstract art, collages, jewelry,photography,
  • dislikes: heights, pineapples, crowded areas, octagons, math, neon colors, hot pink, snakes/eels, milk,people who are closed minded, presentations/debates, loud kids screaming,
  • to be continued !! I am constantly updating this list
dec 1 2021 ∞
jan 26 2022 +