vanity by frank cadogan cowper, 1907
the lady of shalott by john william waterhouse, 1888
ophelia by john everett millais, 1852
wanderer above the sea of fog by caspar david friedrich, 1818
primavera by sandro botticelli, 1478
iris mauves by claude monet, 1917
water lilies by claude monet, 1914
woman with a parasol by claude monet, 1886
nascita di venere by sandro botticelli, 1482
canal grande by claude monet, 1908
the great wave at kanagawa by katsushika hokusai, 1829
water lilies and japanese bridge by claude monet, 1899
starry night over the rhone by vincent van gogh, 1888
the cliff walk at pourville by claude monet, 1882
bouquet of sunflowers by claude monet, 1880
almond blossom by vincent van gogh, 1890
summer is icumen in by herbert arnould olivier, 1902
wheat field with cypresses by vincent van gogh, 1889
autumn by vladimir kireev, 1984
hylas and the nymphs by john william waterhouse, 1896
on the seashore by george elgar hicks, 1879
nympheas by claude monet, 1916ì
impression, soleil levant by claude monet, 1872
water lilies by claude monet, 1914

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