Here's a bit of a general overview of Bree, my main character and my general online avatar!

Name: Bree magnus

Species: half deer, half goat

Nationality: half british, half japanese

General info: cis male, 14 years old (artist can change his age), has a height of 152cms/5ft, weight of 34kgs

Backstory: There isn't much of a backstory for Bree, he grew up primarily in his dad's house, and was mostly parented by and grew up with the house's maid, katushka, a white female russian fox, who cared for him very dearly and treated him with the upmost respect and love, which made him end up with a weird russian accent, teaching him the daintiest mannerisms and most good of values, she's also the reason for why he generally wears female clothing and acts in a feminine manner, due to dressing him up in such getups as he grew up since she always wanted to be a mother of a girl herself

Personality: Being raised in a mostly upper middle class environment, primarily by the house's maid who wanted to raise a young girl, and his parents' general neglectfulness to him, Bree grew up to be very dainty and feminine, he is always very polite, he never swears, he never raises his voice, and he is generally very helpful and kind to everyone around him, he may seem naive and exploitable, but he knows how to take good care of himself from being raised up by his house's maid, Vladena

Here're some images of him!

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