• jan 12 flight to zurich
  • jan 19 flight to dallas

general to-do

  • check laptop for water damage (mousepad area)
  • reverse osmosis skid
    • the clamp and gasket that come with the agru sanitary joint fitting (40x64) isn't in the library - ask joe about it
    • on the concentrate feed and exit lines, remove the zdl and replace with a 32x15 reducer and normal diaphragm valve
    • extend the frame (about 400 mm) to support the new valves
    • ask stéphane about the cabinet dimensions
  • diw & wwt sump pump skids
    • ask for a dampener with a dn40 flanged connection
    • build the frame to support the dampener and connected piping
  • use the global library (cad_replication>acad design center>acad plant 3d content>autocad plant 3d ovivo content) and autocad 2019
  • learn swiss german T^T

books to read

  • all that is evident is suspect: readings from the oulipo, 1963-2018
  • a secret history of witches
  • good together: drink & feast with mr lyan & friends
  • sleeping beauties
  • the magic of handwriting
  • white oleander
nov 29 2018 ∞
jan 18 2019 +