• yay: my boyFIRENF❤️❤️AWOOGA, my friends, coolests squad, 3d trio, kee /p, nagsc, beanussy groupchat, my mediamates, drawing, video games
  • nay: poeple that make my friends / partner uncomfortable, proshitters, homophobic ppl, robin from teen titans go, ants, /BEING ACCUSED OF LYING./ makes me kinda mad /lh, bringing up maris death unless if i do, ...ppl who insult my hair as josuke in any way- imnotcomfywithitsorry—— AHEM, being copied
  • DNI: basic dni criteria, doubles of me if im not comfortable with them, if youre a mfing bully tryna make ppl i care for sad, *amanda from amanda the adventurer*,VANNY
apr 9 2022 ∞
sep 3 2022 +