• started this month with one of the happiest days i've experienced. we went to chiang kai-shek memorial hall again and the weather was spectacular. gave two slices of cake to anni as a celebration prior to jeonghan's birthday! she said she ate well along with her sisters :") we went to anime shop and i bought a couple of souvenirs for lin and jas. i bought a brown bucket hat. we had troubles when taking public transportations, it was fun and hilarious nonetheless.


    • we went to chiang kai shek memorial hall with all of my friends, took a lot of pretty pictures, and had so much fun. we went to 7eleven to eat dinner before going to wufenpu shopping district afterwards.
    • went out a lot to purchase our needs, including but not limited to dormitory stuff and ststionery before our semester begins.
    • moved to our new dorm and unpacked our stuff. we immediately went to kuangnan and ikea in xindian to purchase our dormitory needs after having delicious-tasted instant noodles as lunch downstairs. we had an amazing dinner (i ordered burger and french fries and it tasted like nothing in indonesia).


    • went to qintiangang, tok pictures of the cattle and ourselves. the hill was covered in fog and the weather was mostly raining, but we had time nonetheless, except for when we rode the bus because it made me dizzy.
    • went to stroll around the hotel in beitou, we went to a cafe and i ordered matcha but it didn't taste that sweet. we also went to a ramen shop and had a hearty lunch. it was one of the best meals i had during my stay in taiwan.
    • arrived in taipei :")
    • we went home after KKN and the aftermath is filled with reminiscence of all the good times that happened before
    • went to watch a movie with jas and crashed on her house the next day with lin. we had yet to meet each other after 50 days of being away
    • watched nope with dear anni, went to grocery shopping together, then ended the night with pecel lele as dinner.


    • july is filled with school assignments and being away from my family for a whole month to live somewhere quite far in order to contribute something to the said society. july is the time of discovery; friendship, love, beauty, adventure, and lessons. despite the constant yearning my heart keeps echoing about wanting to go home and depart again; to go back to my safe bubble and pop it out only when i need to before blowing another one, the moment of finding new things and stepping on a terribly foreign territory is a necessary life moment for me.


  • met up with a friend from my faculty that also join the same program that i dom we talked about her choice of university (waterloo) and mine, her experience and our mutual interests in movies and series. i genuinely had a good time conversing with her. i look forward to meeting her next year ;_;
  • this month passes by like a blur of motion. i wish i could have enjoyed the present more, but i realized that everything came in so quick therefore had to adjust just as quick. i am so glad and grateful to receive enormous support from my friends and family throughout june and this whole journey of mine.
  • a meeting with my friends from our host university, it was festive and a bit awkward. i hope we grow closer to each other.
  • went out to have a lunch with mom and dad. we had mie ayam and the potions were enormous. we ate while watching the trains passed by.


  • went out with kak mon, kak dean, and kak tam. it was such a lovely night. i also received "sentire vol. 2" as a gift from kak dean & kak mon.
  • finished my first and possibly the last moot court. exhaustion washed all over me. it is such a relief to have finally finished this, but recalling all the time and energy invested in perfecting this makes me want to sleep for the next 10 years.
  • went to campus to fix all necessary documents for our moot court class with my friends before printing them together. we started at 3 pm and ended at nearly 11 pm. it was tiring and my city was scorching hot despite the night, but i bought us iced tea and everything went according to plan. it was also very memorable. i missed my campus friends so much.
  • received the news i have been waiting for this past few months, and turned out, i made it ;_; i made it with the help and reassurance from my friends & family. late night celebration with sasa & endless screaming with lin (who also made it) & jas about how we would zoom each other from three different countries. izha and i practically yelling at each other in our dms, feeling like it's quite unreal that we've reached thus far. i hope that everything will go smoothly from here & i will pass every necessary requirements before departing.
  • published two more posts on my substack and i am so happy with how they turned out. i still have the tendency to edit them after publication, but it's okay i suppose. i am so thankful for this platform that allows me to be more vulnerable and open about myself.
  • watched doctor strange with my friend and it ended up as one of the most wholesome days in may. we grabbed coffee after the film (she did, i ordered green tea). bought pastries for my mom & accompanied her to eat burger until it was 8 pm. we had so much fun.
  • visited a friend's house that is located in the middle of the woods. my friend and i were panicking because we thought we were pranked or the path would lead us to a graveyard or something, but as we were nearing the place, we were greeted by the warm presence of our friend. we talked until 7 p.m. and i got to relish in the feeling of being close to the nature. we talked about books, films, and our respective organizations. i had a great time that day.
  • went to the beach. the shore was sloped unlike the beaches in my city, so it was safe for us to play with the water. we ate shrimps, squids, and salmon before we could get ourselves soaked.
  • eid al fitr. family gatherings & delicious foods. i am so thankful to be able to celebrate another eid this year with my family & loved ones. ramadhan this year was quite different, but i am thankful for all the challenges i have managed to overcome.


  • nearing the end of this month, my schedule was packed i am not sure anymore where my personal life ended and my academic one began. we had a trip back and forth; i took care of plenty documents; i slept too much and forgot to do my assignments. but despite all that, i was so thankful of my parents who were with me with every step of my journey no matter what the outcome might be later. also, reconnecting with old friends!
  • a day out with my beloved ata
    • we went to the mall around 4 pm. this was the fourth times we met each other within the span of six months; it's already more than the past two years of us knowing each other combined
    • talked about a lot of things! caught up with each other. gushing about normal people and indonesian actor on top of everything
    • we ordered two bowls of ramen and two glasses of ocha and a plate of sushi. it was tasteful! we were surprised with the delicious taste.
    • ata bought lemonade ice and i ice cream afterwards
    • we didn't do many activities, but i am so teared up upon hearing her support toward me & beyond happy to see how grown up she has become with her passions and knowledge.
  • a one fine day with raissa; i don't want to leave a single thing out.
    • i met her at her kosan and stayed there for a couple of hours talking and catching up with each other before we went out.
    • rode motorcycle to braga. she waited as i joined a class i didn't know was scheduled that day until i was made aware of. i felt bad for her because she started getting sleepy, but she was very kind about that.
    • we went to a photo studio and took a lot of pictures together. we had so much fun trying to figure out which poses suited us best. after finished, we picked 5 pictures in total to be printed.
    • we walked around braga for a few minutes, took some pictures and went home as the rain started pouring halfway through. we didn't pack a poncho or coats, so we were soaked. i borrowed her sweater as my top was hung and dried.
    • we went for shopping to a grocery store nearby. we wanted to cook fettuccine carbonara so we bought the ingredients necessary. raissa purchased a box of bolu bakar then we went home aferwards.
    • raissa had a meeting so we talked a bit as she learned how to edit pictures. she was passionate about the organization she joined.
    • we fell asleep up to 6 p.m. and missed iftar. we woke up, drank a glass of water, then went to the kitchen immediately. thankfully, we didn't encounter difficulties during our cooking process. and we made delicious fettuccine, gosh, now that i think about it now, i really want to taste it again.
    • we ate together and we talked about our stories. i learned that she is surrounded by loving and great people. she had worked so hard to reach this point of her life.
    • i went home with bolu bakar that raissa brought earlier. i had a great time looking at bandung's city lights during the night as i reminisced what had happened that day. i was incredibly happy. my heart was full of love. i always feel the same thing when i visit a new city to meet my friend.
  • rode a bus to bandung. i was waiting for this moment to finally arrive; i have missed the cool bandung air and the afternoon peace it offers. not to mention i will be meeting raissa shortly after.
  • finished my 3 months of preparation for this program i planned to join. relief washed over me as i submitted everything & helped my friends went through the same process. if there's one thing i learned from this journey is that my friends would stick by my side & support me with my academic decisions despite the outcome.
  • 4 hour roadtrip by car to our hometown + 10 hour trip by train to my aunt's house with my parents. did my exam on train and was welcomed by the rain as we arrived on the station.
  • spent the day on my bed, working on my mid term paper. discovered bad suns' new album, apocalypse whenever, which i loved to bits. i was 50% into normal people already and read some more before i could watch the show.
  • helped my parents with works. we went outside town at 6.30 am and returned at sometime around 4.00 pm. it was incredibly exhausting. massive gratitude for my parents who work so hard and have to travel at least once a month. i finally submitted my application to university and i hope everything will go well accordingly. my subscription to disney+ ended today but i will extend it later, i suppose.


  • spent a whole day at the campus. it's nice to interact with my friends there directly. we successfully wrapped up our last event on march.
  • watched jujutsu kaisen 0: the movie with jas & lin. it was so pleasant to finally see yuuta okkotsu on screen. the adaption is very intact and doesn't stray from the manga. the appearance of nanami caused my friend and i to erupt. we had noodles for dinner afterwards.
  • went to a gelato place with kak ava as she visited my city for vacation. i ordered something other than passion fruit flavored ice cream (a progress!) and we stayed there for a while as we caught up with each other. i had to suddenly make a call with my lecturer, thankfully my lecturer was so warm and kind. we went to have satay for lunch afterwards. we went to a mosque, then parted ways. i am so happy we have the chance to meet each other for the second time. kak ava is about to meet up with kak carissa too soon, so that doubled my excitement!
  • went to a bakery with kak mon. ordered a slice of chocolate cake which name i forgot. kak mon ordered a slice of mushroom quiche. the cake was so solid kak mon had to help me finish it ;_; we enjoyed our meals under the trees and with the sound of crickets. the place was really pleasant. we went to have a lunch afterwards. kak mon gave me peter pan themed cookies she received from kak sashi before we parted ways. we also talked and squealed about daisy jones and the six. we were so excited for the adaption.
  • did house chores as my parents went out of town, including cooking for myself. watched a few episodes of the mandalorian as a reward for finishing my essay.
  • went out with sasa to watch the batman although we missed the intro. it was gripping as it was different from its predecessor batman movies. we enjoyed it nonetheless! we ate ayam geprek afterwards.
  • i was lying on my bed, in the dark, in my room with my nose stuffed up and my throat ached, but i managed to finish this one very good fanfic in one-sitting. basked in pleasant simplicity, i thought, "damn, life is good."
  • coming up to twitter in a broken state after watching kramer vs. kramer and saw the recent news of charlie cox on mefcc event in dubai. immediately teared up upon reading fans' stories & seeing how happy he seemed to be.
  • it was jas's birthday but we didn't get to celebrate it on time because of the recent rise on the covid situation. lin, jas, and i ended up virtually meeting each other, caught up with each other a bit, then did our own things (jas played games, lin watched sherlock, and i watched random youtube videos) while we were still connected to each other.


  • my brother's wedding was punctual and smooth. we did exactly what needed to prevent widespread infection, so i hoped everyone went home safely afterwards. i got to eat delicious meals before, during, and after despite the exhaustion that kicked in after we cleared the venue.
  • talking with fira, vivi, and egi again after a while. they are such sweet kiddos with incredible amount of love in their hearts. i wish to be able to keep in touch with them for a long time. greeted dira a happy birthday and wished her for great things ahead. i really miss her.
  • it was a rough week, busy with academics and organization, but i found myself starting to read daisy jones and the six while listening to fleetwood mac and other songs from this playlist. it was a nice quick break.
  • nothing much happened two weeks into this month, but i found myself scrolling youtube and tumblr more often than i usually did to have a good laugh watching old interviews of some actresses and actors.
  • i momentarily felt like a legitimate adult for managing residency administration all by myself. i bought roti gembong after i finished the whole process.
  • finding myself rewatching parts and parts from daredevil and the defenders all over again despite having memorized the plotline, down to some of the conversations. i am positive i will faint from the ego boost i get whenever i see people mentioning daredevil as the best netflix show.
  • celebrating mom's birthday. we went to the beach early in the morning. the horizon was not yet apparent when we arrived. i was playing around on the shoreline all by myself, getting my trousers wet and sticky with sand. we ate shrimp, squid, and skipjack afterwards. i had a very good time albeit the scorching weather. i hope my mom is having a blast too.


  • starting to work on our next product of news writing. my writers are very cooperative and active. i am optimistic we could finish this product well.
  • finally watching us and them together with lois after planning this since last year ;_; chat box full of longing and tears, finding small details & parallels on the movie that made us cried even more, and so on.
  • coming to campus to meet my friends. discussing our plans for the upcoming semester while breaking down simultaneously. i am wishing that each one of my (and your) wishes for this year come true.
  • meeting ata for the third time within these past couple of months & it hasn't (most likely, will not) got old how excited i am meeting her in person. we ate breakfast together & rode around with motorcycle.
  • my first comeback with fromis_9! :") my heart grows fonder for each one of them. saerom and gyuri are such sights for sore eyes, but, man, chaeyoung is definitely doing things to me.
  • belatedly celebrating lin's birthday by solving a fictional case jas bought online, watching a few episodes of kimetsu no yaiba, eating rice bowls, and eating a cake we brought for her earlier. we talked about sentimental stuff & our recent activities that keep us busy.
  • rewatching daredevil. my close friends would know that matt murdock is all that i could talk about for these past few weeks after his reappearance in no way home. rewatching the show doesn't only help with the longing for one of my favorite characters, but also have me realized the growth i've made since the last time i watched it, academically and emotionally. as a law student, i now have slightly wider scope of knowledge relating to matters matt & foggy are dealing with and that makes me happy somehow.
  • meeting up with rey! i want to tear up as i write this because it was so pleasant. time felt like slowing down as we talked. i learned new things about her, such as her food preferences & her college updates. we ate gacoan noodles for dinner before riding motorcycle through the drizzle to enjoy wedang bajigur, which was my first time tasting it too. i am so happy to have finally meet her & realized how easy it was to be around her, though it wasn't for too long.
  • watching tick, tick...boom! with ata.
  • traveling to solo with my mom by train. we stopped by just to eat timlo and selat, but both dishes tasted so good! returning to the train station by free public transportation. finally, going home as it poured down. this particular day felt serene.
  • finding out that wes anderson's next project would be another adaption from doald dahl's book (it might as well be a stop-motion film, like fantatic mr. fox!) & it's starring dev patel ;_; just another thing to look forward to.
  • having brunch with jas & going to karaoke afterwards. singing all too well (10 minutes version) from the top of our lungs twice. i had a very festive day.
  • studying toefl with kak mon in the city's library. we talked a lot afterwards. having lunch afterwards & she bought me delicious burger. associating taylor swift's song to kaz & matt (we got the same answer: don't blame me)
  • studying with my friend through phone, but we ended up talking about seventeen afterwards. the conversation made me miss them so much, especially jeonghan, so i ended up looking up for his contents to relieve my longing ;_;
  • returning back to my city by train after a whole month away from it. i have missed it greatly. upon arriving at the train station, i realized just how much difference between cities i'd been and my own that i noticed: the way people walk and move, how the sky looks like, people's habit when driving vehicles, and so on. fondness i bear for my city is bigger than i thought.
  • third day of this year: my cousin and i (mostly, my cousin) were cooking cream soup in the morning. eating grapes & cimol leftovers my uncle cooked (they exploded).
  • second day of this year was spent finishing wandavision & watched my cousin laughing her ass off over hawkeye. we also cooked onion rings & another round of cimol. can't believe i will have to return home in 3 days.
  • starting the first day of this year by baking brownies and frying cimol with my cousin. we went upstairs to watch wandavision afterwards.
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