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Forever waiting on my future little loves. Daydreaming, writing, reading, collecting celestial themed jewelry, crying over characters, bouncing back and forth between the Autumn and Night Court, always wanting pink tulips. Future perinatal / postpartum therapist.

R B, E R, C J, F C, and A L. <3

"There is no remedy for love, but to love more."

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nanda movies (2024)
  • Agnes Imogen Viola
  • Alcott Finnegan Earl
  • Blythe Frances Wednesday
  • Concordia June Agnes
  • Favor Elouise Beulah
  • Fern Tabitha Eloise
  • Gideon Theodore Worthy
  • Linus Arthur Noble
  • Meritt Cassian Fox
  • Oona Beatrice May
  • Quimby Frances Blythe
  • Vision Kate Hildegard
  • Wilfred Edward Newt
may 29 2024 ∞
jun 3 2024 +