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INFJ, graphic designer, JRPG lover, animanga enthusiast

"Even if people don't acknowledge you, you just have to be someone that you can be proud of! yourself are your biggest supporter! If you can learn to love yourself... That love will continue to support you for the rest of your life".

Laxirya videogames (Platinums/100%)
videogames (2020 recap)
Snowy Fuxue to do (cose da scrivere, one-shot/fanfiction)
Fayth Master Anime (Anime da vedere prossimamente)
Anime (Anime visti e (ri)finiti - 2021)
  • Tipo: Acciaio
  • Palestra di: Spiraria
  • Pokèmon:
    • Empoleon
    • Metagross shiny
    • Corviknight
    • Scizor
    • Lucario
    • Magearna
  • Mascotte: Espeon con Codacciaio
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