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  • Play the LISTOGRAPHY BOARD GAME over Zoom with distant friends (only one game board needed).
  • Bring your FRIENDS LISTOGRAPHY to work, a dinner party, or school, and fill it out collectively.
  • Host a LISTOGRAPHY dinner party. Ask friends to bring their Listography books and take turns sharing their lists.
  • KID'S LISTOGRAPHY: fill this out with your child...a great way to start conversations with your kid.
  • FUTURE LISTOGRAPHY: a nice gift for people creating a new path, recent graduates, or those setting off on a new adventure.
mar 28 2009 ∞
jun 25 2020 +
user picture Penguin Love: Hey, I want to thank you for the wonderful idea of listography. I got my "Listography, Original" book today and I love it. aug 12 2009
user picture listography: thank you! aug 18 2009
user picture denise: dang, i wish they sold these books where i live! aug 21 2009
user picture listography: hi. you can also find them online : ) but hopefully they will also be available in your town someday?
user picture denise: hopefully. i live all the way in the philippines. can`t wait for the friends listography book, by the way. it sounds epic ;) aug 23 2009
user picture Pam: Friend Listography sounds ah-mazing! sep 9 2009
user picture Karen: How about a travel listography? apr 2 2010
user picture listography: Thanks for the feedback. We're working on one that kinda fits in this category. We shall see...this one will come out in 2011 :) apr 3 2010
user picture Nadia: I just got my listography book and I love it. I'm very much a lists person. I also bought it for my best friend as an extra graduation gift. Thanks for the awesome book. may 12 2010
user picture laciejewel: How about a Movies Listography? may 13 2010
user picture listography: we hope to soon! jul 12 2010
user picture laciejewel: Yea! I see it's "coming soon". Checked out the pages of the My Future Listography as well. Sounds good. Can't wait. :-> oct 23 2010
user picture Deanea: Can't wait for the film listography! Dream come true! may 13 2011
user picture Smamfa: I'd love a listography book about books I've read and plan to read, that would be heaven - any chance of this in the near future? aug 5 2013
user picture listography: Funny you should ask...we are working on one now! Coming out in 2014 :-) thank you for liking the books!
user picture Smamfa: Oh wow that's great, thank you - I'm really looking forward to it!! aug 6 2013
user picture snappybookworm: was just about to post to ask about a listography for books but I see someone has beaten me to it. Discovered listography today and thought it was the idealmedia for me as I am an avid list-maker and collector of all things strange and wonderful. Really looking forward to the book listography coming out. hope its not too long. aug 24 2013
user picture listography: thanks so much! we are working on the art for books listography will come out in 2014 :-) nov 11 2013
user picture Lilly: I have the My Future Listography, such an amazing book! oct 18 2013
user picture listography: thank you so much! nov 11 2013
user picture ιΌ : I wish they were a little cheaper - I really want to buy the future and film ones (I almost did today until I checked my bank balance). Nevertheless they're great :* dec 30 2013
user picture Regina: Hey! I bought my listograohy book last week in Urban Outfitters in London (I went on vacaction), but I actually live in Germany. Do you know if I can find the books anywhere here? I just LOVE my book, it was like you read my mind and made it <3 apr 23 2014
user picture listography: Ahhh thank you so much :-) I am not sure where they would sell them in Germany but I do know they sell them on Amazon and online retailers!
user picture Christine: I have the Music Listography book, and I love it! <3 I'm still thinking on two more songs to play for my funeral... jul 17 2014
user picture Kara: I have just got my first Listography after seeing it in Australia a couple of years ago and desperately wanted ever since. I love lists and your description of yourself sounds just like me!! Thanks for making this fabulous idea real! jan 5 2015
user picture lionheart: so psyched for the new books in 2016!! mar 26 2015
user picture Kaedence Creates: I love you. I do not know who you are, but clearly, I love you. apr 20 2015
user picture Kkatz: Love the books! I know you get ideas all the time but I've been looking for a book (like the listogtaphy series) for my brother-in-law currently on active duty overseas. There aren't any cool books to document time spent away from family/friends, and none specifically for those who are deployed. You would think there would be something out there to record their thoughts, new friends, tasks, etc. If Military is too narrow of a topic maybe a more broad category that fits situations of people being away from home for long periods of time? oct 11 2015
user picture honeybee: Spirit Listography looks like an absolute dream, I'm gonna keep an eye out for it appearing in bookstores here! I just want you guys to know I appreciate everything you do, and I'm always promoting you to my friends, because listography has got me through some tough times over the past few years. I discovered you guys when I was fourteen and turn twenty in just under a month, so listography has been a constant in my life all this time, and there's no sign of that changing. Seriously, thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart. may 24 2016
user picture listography: sweetest message ever...thank you so much! spirit listography is out july 25th and it's the best book we've ever made. you will love uplifting!
user picture honeybee: I'm really excited for One List a Day! It seems like the kind of journal I would be able to commit to. I also might treat myself to Literary Listography soon, in the hopes that it will encourage me to read more - even as a literature student I don't read half as much as I wish I did! dec 19 2017